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Save 100's of dollars on branding your business.

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Logo-ology™ is for you if:

  • You are a start-up business.
  • You are looking for new business resources.
  • You want to save money.
  • You need a memorable logo.
  • You are ready to re-design or re-brand.
  • You are interested in graphic design and want to learn basic principles and techniques.

Logo-ology™ will help you decide what you want your logo to look like and save you money on the design process if you decide to hire a graphic designer. There is valuable information on branding, saving money at the printer and more.

Lo’go-ology contains over 60 pages of logo design ideas, exercises and how to steps to get you started on building your business brand.

Stop agonizing over design decisions. Spend more of your valuable time on getting the cash flowing your way! Having the right information will lead you to the right decision.

“When I read Logo-ology™, I was in the process of designing a new logo and had no idea what to do! What I love about this e-book is how easy it is to read and how simple the authors make the process of logo development. The visual examples are great too!

I recommend this e-book to all my business clients!

Zoey Ryan
The Life & Business Coach
for Women Entrepreneurs

The expense of business start-up and the lack of cash flow makes it easy to decide, you can’t spend the money and don’t need a logo.

During business start-up or re-brand, there are so many decisions to make and what seems like an endless amount of money to be spent. Any money you save on logo design by learning how to design your own logo, or by defining what you want, is money freed up for something else.

Marketing materials that are well-designed will save you money in the end.

Create Your Own Logo with Logo-ology

The effort to attract a new customer is much more than the effort to keep a customer. It takes a minimum of 3 exposures to your business message for a prospective customer to take notice. If there is nothing memorable about your business, you don’t have a logo and you don’t clearly articulate what you do through all of your marketing materials, they won’t remember you from one meeting to the next. You are starting from scratch each time.

Make sure your logo communicates who you are.

"You'll want this book at your elbow when you start out struggling with your visual image."

Joyce O.
Visual Display Expert

About the Authors

So What Do We Know That Qualifies Us to Write This Book?

Logo-ology™ by Nancy Fraser and Lara Fisher came about from listening to entrepreneurs and small business owners talk about their experiences around logo design, the costs related and their frustration of ending up with nothing to show for the money spent.

Nancy Fraser CRM
Nota Bene Consulting

Nancy Fraser has worked in the marketing and advertising industry for over 25 years. She owned and operated a retail store, and wholesale rep business. In addition to her marketing and advertising career, she held real estate sales and agent’s licenses.

Lara Fisher BA, MA
Bluefish Creative

Lara’s passion is working with small business. In her work with entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs since 2002, she has noticed that tools to create effective promotional material are largely unavailable, difficult to find and too complex. That is what prompted her involvement in the creation of Lo’go-ology™.

In the past 4 years, both authors have noticed a trend to self-employment by many of their friends and acquaintances. These same people constantly ask them for books on marketing and design that led to the creation of this book on how to make a logo.

Both Lara and Nancy have created logos for many clients with a wide range of successful businesses, some of which are displayed in Lo’go-ology™.

Create Your Own Logo with Logo-ology

Business success hinges on credibility and visibility… if they don’t remember who you are…you won’t get the business!

Don’t Buy This Book if You Don’t Plan to Read it and Do the Exercises!

Lo’go-ology™ provides step-by-step exercises that will help you choose colors and shapes that convey your message to clients. Also included is information on how to create a brand, and save money at the printer. If you decide to hire a graphic designer, there are tips on how to choose one you can work with.

Find out how to create a logo right now and start the crucial process of building your brand.

"We love our new look from the logo to the web site and continue to get positive comments everywhere we go. We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone we can."

Scott & Leslie C.

Nike has a great example of an Iconic Logo that transcends the name. The stores display the swoosh and not the name Nike but there is no confusion over whose store it is, or what’s for sale inside.

Begin to build your brand by learning how to make your own logo.

Create Your Own Logo with Logo-ology

As you answer the questions in Logo-ology™, you will also be:

  • Defining important facets of your business
  • Working on the Unique Selling Proposition that is crucial when marketing your business.
  • Finding the niche market you will target.

“I have been enjoying reading Lo’go-ology™ and now have an idea of what I would like for my own logo. It has been fun to work on.”

Stacey H.
Prince George

Are you an entrepreneur who needs business start-up help or a business owner who wants to re-design or re-brand your business?

Learn basic principles of effective design, techniques and strategies to get a POW!er logo!

  • Get immediate access to valuable information on logo creation.
  • Make your business memorable by creating a recognizable BRAND!

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Brought to you by Dynamic Innovations Squad and Business Start Up Essentials. Claude C. Hopkins’ ground-breaking book covers:

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  • Fifty-four pages packed with information to make your business more profitable and successful.

Create Your Own Logo with Logo-ology

Often people spend lots of money on the creation of a logo and never get what they want. They get lost in the sometimes confusing decision-making process because they don’t have any rules to judge what’s good and what’s not.

Lo’go-ology™ is informative, easy to read and has
a great title!”

Stacey H.
Prince George

Don't learn the hard way. Learn the basics in 1 hour with Logo-ology™.

Artists, musicians, anyone who is a master of their craft will tell you they had to learn the rules first. Creating something exceptional comes from the knowledge and confidence of knowing what is possible.

Learn the easy way with Logo-ology™. For just $19 you can have instant access to information that will save you hundreds of dollars and many hours of your valuable time.

We are so sure you will find benefit that we will give 100% of your money back within 3 months if, after reading it, you feel you have learned nothing.

Yes, I am ready to start the process of creating my own logo and branding my business.

  • I understand that I get instant downloadable access to Logo-ology™, in ebook format, so I can immediately start reading and applying the tools to create my own business identity.
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  • If I am not satisfied for any reason, I can ask for a 100% refund on my investment within 8 weeks…no questions asked.


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We wish you success in your ventures
and look forward to hearing your success stories.

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